10 Haikus for 10 Soccer Players

You asked for it!`


A bunch of you sent in donations at the haiku-level, so I decided to group them all together in what is the first No Grass in the Clouds digital chapbook. Please feel free to anonymously submit this as a nominee for the 2020 Pushcart Prize. Thanks again to everyone who donated. We’re north of $5,000 now. Pretty cool!


Fernando Torres, for Nick

The boy with red cheeks
Turns into a hurricane.
Not for long enough.


Eden Hazard, for Scot

Running back, Q.B.,
All in one. The ball was yours,
Why did you leave us?


Clint Mathis, for Seph

Invisible clock,
It sits on his wrist. Tap, tap,
Time for the rooster.


Adam Lallana, for Colin

Cruyff turn, Cruyff turn, Cruyff
Turn, Cruyff turn, Cruyff turn, Cruyff turn.
It is all we are.


Virgil Van Dijk, for Craig

See a monolith.
A menace from a past life,
Here to make you whole.


Carla Overbeck, for Alison

What is a loss if
You never lose? How do you
Rest if you must play?


Mateo Kovacic, for Joshua

Room for you, always.
Love for you cannot be found.
Someday, maybe soon.


Luka Modric, for Eileen (Happy birthday!)

A creature, who is
Not you. Never touch a ball,
Nor a weight. You win.


James Milner, for Matt

Beep, beep, it rages.
The test never ends without
Him, alone, in first.


Sadio Mane, for Matt’s son

Two different feet,
But always the same result.
A goal says hello.