Who Is the Wayne Gretzky of Soccer?

If Wayne Gretzky never scored a goal, he’d still be the National Hockey League’s all-time leader in points. This the ur-sports-fact -- a universe in a grain of sand. You get a point for a goal and a point for an assist, and Gretzky has the most of each. He scored 894 times; no else has more than 801 goals. He assisted on 1,963; next best is all the way down at 1,249. Pathetically, Gretzky is only seventh all-time in goals per game, a couple one-thousandths behind the still-active, sixth-place Alexander Ovechkin. But The Great One -- there is not and will never be a better nickname in sports -- tops the list of assists per game, despite the fact that he played 20 freaking seasons. Gretzky averaged 1.320 assists per game; Sydney Crosby, the highest active player, ranked fifth all-time, is averaging 0.817.

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